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Don’t put off “estate planning” which for most of us usually means having a will, power of attorney for property, healthcare power of attorney, and sometimes a revocable trust. 


In these documents you make decisions now, which can be beneficial to others, including your children, later.  For example, if you have minor children, you can direct that should something happen to you, your children will not get their inheritance directly until they reach a certain age.


A trust can be built into your will which provides that they will be taken care of, but not be given their inheritance directly, until they reach that certain  age or ages.  Without a will, or a will with such provisions, your minor children would receive their inheritance upon turning 18.  Many at that age might not be mature enough to handle receiving a lump sum distribution. 


If your children are older, having powers of attorney, healthcare and property, can be of great assistance to you if there comes a time when you can’t make your own healthcare decisions or manage your finances.  Having the POA’s can avoid someone having to seek a guardianship.  This applies even if you are a younger person.


Just some thoughts.


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